Microsoft makes it easier to change mouse settings via Windows 11

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 11 for Windows Insider Canary subscribers, and as is usually the case, the new version has some hidden things.

Apart from adding things available in other preview channels, build 26227 brings additional options from the old Control Panel and moves them to the modern Settings app. The mouse section is getting some attention this time.

Public versions of Windows 10 and 11 require diving into the old Control Panel to change some common mouse settings, such as improving mouse pointer accuracy and scroll direction.

Considering that Microsoft made an extra effort to bury the old control panel deep, finding the right section is quite a challenge for an inexperienced user.

This is no longer the case with build 26227, as users have noticed that there is now a feature identifier that adds two additional options to the Modern Settings app when enabled, namely improving pointer accuracy and scroll direction.

The option to improve cursor accuracy is responsible for cursor acceleration, which is something players often want to turn off, especially in first-person shooter games. While the second option helps in reversing the direction of the mouse scroll wheel.

Oddly enough, Windows doesn’t have an easy-to-use option to customize this.

Windows laptop users have been able to reverse touchpad scrolling for years, although desktop users had to resort to modifying the system registry to change something as basic as the direction of the mouse scrolling, or rely on an external mouse to provide programs that would enable that.

Microsoft did not mention these changes in the official change log, although you can run them using the ViVeTool app if you have Windows 11 build 26227.

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