6 games on PlayStation 5 that deserve more appreciation

For them, the new generation of Sony devices, represented by the PlayStation 5 devices, has not yet reached the required level, and this may be true at the various technical level and many faults with the developers and not the device itself. But at the same time, there are a lot of games on the device that you just need to explore, although they may not be the best in terms of graphics, they are among the best new generation games in general.

We will now list for you 6 wonderful games available on the PlayStation 5, and you only need to give it a chance to know that they deserve more attention. Before you begin, I would like to note that the games that we will list will not necessarily be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 game.

Our first game is an anthology version of the Yakuza series, but on site it is a sequel to the Judment Edition. Developed by the Japanese studio Ryu Ga Gotoku and published by SEGA. The Lost Judgment came in September of 2021 and expanded to exploit the PlayStation 5 well, representing many things such as the detailed design and the dazzling details that make us immerse ourselves in the experience.

Game Story will captivate you with the narrative boundaries and its foundation, which combines well-coordinated investigation, the charismatic and complex characters in its book, and the diverse gameplay style and full of other details that will leave you room to explore them.

For the new and physical generation, Death Door was released in November of 2021. In this game, players control a bird, specifically a crow, whose mission is to collect the souls of the dead. What is interesting about it is that if any soul is stolen, the crow will have to track down the thief and retrieve this request. Death Door is played in perspective or top-down to suit a bird’s eye view, and has a variety of fantasy puzzle elements to defeat.

The game received many praises due to its wonderful artwork that shines on PlayStation 5 and the unique story that pushes you to engage in this experience.

The PlayStation 5 exclusive (also available on PC) is the first on today’s list, which was nominated as the best PlayStation game of its release and many of the most important highlights of the powers that stand out on the new generation console from Sony and the satisfying gameplay of the online version yet.

For those who do not know, the story of this game revolves around an explorer as a hero on a strange planet who finds himself trapped in an air ring. If you are looking for a third-person shooter game that has not received the amount of praise it deserves – despite its fame – then The Return is what you are looking for. Conveniently, the game is available on the Plus library.

For fans of Japanese manipulation games or JRPGs, preferably from Square Enix studios, Neo: The World Ends With You is a must-try, especially on the PlayStation 5. A sequel to the first part that was released in 2007, despite its presence on the PlayStation 4. , and even the Nintendo Switch, but it is different from the PlayStation 5 with the gear experience.

It offers you the experience of a new generation of game features that will undoubtedly increase your enjoyment thanks to a large number of controls and the Hepatic Feedback feature. Empty graphics for larger frames and those that outperform them. You will notice details that you will not find on any other platform, and I am sure that you will admire this experience after you finish it. , but provided that you love these types of games.

If you are looking for a game full of meaning, the game of the Prophet and meanings is here to confront you, and fortunately it is available on the PlayStation Plus library. The story of the game centers around a young man who meets a huge marine named Trico and takes him as a friend, and from here begins the journey of fun and meanings for which you enjoy video games and the artist in general. Friends will team up to solve puzzles, source numerous resources, defeat crime, and more.

Unlike the PlayStation 4 version that was released in 2016, experiencing the new generation with graphics will take the experience to another place. All the details of this game are wonderful and the animation is excellent. There you will discover many secrets on the PlayStation 5 version that I will walk on foot to discover in the PlayStation 4 version.

We finally come to one of the best games released in previous years. With an elegant art direction and smart cartoon drawing that does not reflect the style of play and classification close to the Bullseye games, the Bridge of Spirits version comes shining and charming on the PlayStation 5.

All the features you’re looking for in our game are here, and that’s what they praise, but not as much as they deserve. The game was distinguished by its story level and large-scale mini-playing style, and was able to exploit the capabilities of the great new generation. If you have not tried it before, what are you waiting for?

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