Distracted driving ticket issued in Saskatoon McDonald’s parking lot is not a driving violation RCMP

Editor’s Note: The original version of this story indicated that the traffic stop occurred while the car was passing by a McDonald’s restaurant. RCMP officials have since confirmed that the ticket was issued in the parking lot and that the alleged violation occurred outside the property. We apologize for this error.

RCMP say a man has been charged under the Traffic Safety Act after a traffic stop in the parking lot of a local McDonald’s restaurant, which, despite online claims, was not carried out while driving.

“The individual was observed driving a vehicle on a public road while using a mobile phone,” RCMP said in a statement. A Saskatchewan RCMP Joint Traffic Services officer initiated a traffic stop on the individual.

“The individual then entered the McDonald’s parking lot, where the traffic ticket was issued.”

The RCMP did not specify the amount the ticket was issued for, however, according to SGI, a distracted driving ticket for a first offense is $580 and four demerit points.

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