What are PBXs, their importance and the best PBX companies in Kuwait

What are the switches:

In conjunction with the development of communications technology systems around the world and with the increase in the number of companies and their large sizes, the number of employees has increased dramatically with the increase in the size of the institution, and it became necessary to organize and manage the communications process, which includes:

  • Facilitating communication between employees within the same company branch.
  • Organizing communications between the company’s branches and linking them to each other and linking them with the head office.
  • Arranging communications between clients from outside the company to within.

Hence the importance of the PBX devices, which were invented and developed in order to communicate inside and outside the company, as it works to build an internal network within the company so that communication between its members without the need to communicate with the external exchange, aims to form a free communication network, which saves the huge cost of the communication process For example, imagine that you have more than 100 employees and each employee needs to communicate with his colleagues and customers to a private phone, the cost will be very high and the pressure is great on all employees of the company.

The importance of the switch or the advantages offered by the switches:

  • Easy to communicate with customers from outside the facility with the facility’s employees.
  • Easy communication of employees within the company among themselves.
  • Record all calls to ensure quality of service.
  • Control and allow a certain number of employees to make external or international calls.
  • Providing many detailed reports to ensure quality.
  • Organizing communications at peak hours.
  • A unified company number that converts to many numbers.
  • The ability to connect to direct communication devices such as intercom devices.

Types of switches:

There are two main types of PBX: regular or traditional analog PBX or network PBX.

Analog PBX: Regular PBX, which is limited in services and depends on wires and analog signals, and needs extensions, unlike IP PBX network switches.

Network PBX or IP PBX: The latest generation of PBX or PBX, which has many advantages that are not provided by regular analog PBX.

Among the advantages of IP PBX exchanges, for example:

  • Ease of moving the IP-PBX internal central system to any other place.
  • Ease of connecting other network devices to the central, whether inside or outside the company.
  • Transmission of voice packets using advanced IP technology.
  • Internet Protocol phones facilitate electronic work applications, whether inside or outside the facility, and whether they are from fixed or mobile devices.
  • IP phones support many features and functions that are not available with digital phones.
  • These models also feature features such as visual voice mailboxes, personal folders, and many other features not offered by regular phones.

What facilities need exchanges:

The use of PBX in all areas, homes, villas, ministries, government institutions, banks, companies, tourist villages, and any institution or body that has a number of employees needs to communicate with each other on an ongoing basis so that they become internal phones among themselves or external with customers.

The most important and best operators in Kuwait, the Kuwait Exchange?

Zontel is the first Arab company and the only Arab company that develops and produces PBXs (Kuwait PBX) that work with advanced IP technology.

Zontel is a pioneer and the best exchange companies in Kuwait because of its long history, a good reputation, and a track record of success with many companies and government ministries. Zontel provides the latest technologies to compete with global counterparts at competitive prices. It also provides a professional and highly qualified support team to know and meet the needs of all its customers with accuracy and high efficiency. Best choice in Kuwait exchanges.

For more information about the Zontel exchanges in Kuwait,

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