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TikTok announces the update of the live broadcast system and new changes

Social network TikTok announced on Monday that it has updated its live broadcasting system, with the aim of preventing children from conducting live broadcasts, and limiting access to live broadcasts to adults only.

In a post on its blog, Tik Tok reviewed a number of changes to its live broadcast feature, including: new ways to determine the age, as well as the launch of new content creation tools.

Currently, anyone over 16 with at least 1,000 followers can go live on TikTok, and people over 18 can send and receive tips, which is one of the ways they earn Money content makers on the platform.

But from November 23, only users 18 and over will be able to live stream.

“To protect our users and content creators and support their safety, we are constantly working to develop the safeguards we put in place,” TikTok said in its post.

In addition to the age limit, people who host live broadcasts will soon be able to target adults only for recordings that are more appropriate for an older audience.

Currently, live recordings are shown between clips of the For You content page, or on the Live Broadcast page. TikTok says that adults-only live recordings can be used for things like comedy scenes, or when content creators want to discuss life experiences they don’t want kids to see.

Tik Tok is benefiting from the live broadcast

Sharing live streaming on Tik Tok is increasingly becoming an essential part of making money for both content creators and the company. According to a report published by Rest of World last month, ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok, is partnering with influencer agencies to train content creators to host live recordings and encourage viewers to give them gifts. These virtual gifts are then divided between the content creator, TikTok, and the intermediary agency.

As live broadcasts gain in popularity, people have also discovered how to manipulate the tipping system, and live broadcasts have become the site of scams and disinformation, such as when viewers profited from fake footage from Ukraine when Russia invaded the country.

A few days ago, a BBC News investigation revealed that Tik Tok is exploiting hundreds of displaced Syrian families in the camps to increase their revenues. They are begging for digital gifts for the monetary amounts that will eventually come to them from those gifts.

In addition to the new security updates, TikTok has announced new tools for content creators who host live broadcasts on the platform, including the ability to host up to five guests. The company also said that it is working on an update to the keyword filtering feature for live broadcasts.

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