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Snapchat Plus officially arrives. Here are the features and prices!

Snap has decided to launch the new paid service, Snapchat Plus, for its famous social networking application, which will offer a number of exclusive features for a monthly subscription fee, as of this week.

And it was decided that the Snapchat application will join Twitter and other social networks that offer a paid subscription model under the name Snapchat Plus, which the company has already started testing a few weeks ago.

A report by The Verge highlighted the features that Snapchat Plus will offer in exchange for a monthly subscription, citing Jacob Andreu, the company’s deputy director of production, which will be offered a monthly subscription of $3.99.

Yaqoub explained that the company will offer Snapchat Plus to be the first product to achieve profits for the company by a means other than advertising, stressing that it will not move towards reducing any of the free services that it already offers at the present time, but it only targets the audience who spends longer time and must try every new that is introduced and features. Attractive on social platforms.

Snapchat Plus Features

He pointed out that the fundamental change and the main feature of Snapchat Plus is a cosmetic upgrade to the interface and view, as the most prominent features are:

  • Ability to change the style and design of the application.
  • Find out who rewatched the story.
  • Pin a friend to the top of the chat history.
  • More exclusive stickers.
  • Use the “Install” pin for some users.

Asking whether the paid plan would mean stopping ad serving to subscribers, Andrew downplayed this possibility, saying: “Displaying ads is at the heart of our productivity business both now and in the future, but Snapchat Plus is an opportunity for the company to diversify its revenue.”

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