Report: Elon Musk is leaving contract employees with Twitter without warning

Elon Musk has started a new wave of layoffs from Twitter employees, as today’s reports showed that he began firing employees working at the company on contracts without warning, after the mass layoffs on November .

Many large companies – Twitter included – rely on a mix of full-time employees and contract employees who work for a third party. Sources confirmed to Axios today that Twitter has terminated work with an unspecified number of contractors in various areas, including: Content moderation.

Yesterday some employees contracted with Twitter discovered that their work accounts were suspended and could not access them without informing them, and some of these employees are also concerned about receiving their salaries, because their work teams no longer have any full-time employees in the company to sign cards their own time.

Other sections of Twitter have been affected by the layoffs of contract employees, such as real estate and marketing, according to Casey Newton.

Some current Twitter administrators have also complained via Slack that one of his contractors’ account was deleted without warning while important changes were being made to a child safety mission across the platform.

Employees contracted with Twitter did not receive any direct communication from the company telling them that their work was over. Instead, they discovered that their work accounts had stopped working, as happened with full-time employees when they discovered on Thursday, November 3 that they were unable to access work platforms such as: Slack and email, before they get the promised email on Friday.

But after the mass layoff, Twitter reached out to some employees to reassign them back to full time after realizing that their skills were essential to existing projects, including new features that are a priority for the new administration.

It is also reported that Elon Musk terminated the remote work at Twitter last Thursday,

telling employees that the new rules that will start working at the company will require employees to stay in the office for at least 40 hours a week, subject to exceptions that he will agree to himself.

There is no doubt that the Twitter platform is witnessing an unprecedented state of turmoil since Elon Musk took over management, as the new administration launches some products and features, and then withdraws them again, and this includes the new version of the account authentication service (Twitter Blue), which allows subscribers to obtain the blue verification mark that It is given to celebrities,

politicians, journalists, government agencies and companies after verified accounts.

But the company suspended the service a few days after its launch due to the misuse of it, as many used the subscription service to impersonate many prominent athletes and politicians, and some brands.

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