Facebook makes browsing easier on the phone

Facebook announced good news for billions of its users who have long suffered with the service provided through mobile applications.

The company has decided to upgrade the app to make it easier to find the latest posts from friends and family by making major changes to the app on Android and iPhone phones, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Express”.

The company said in a statement that anyone who uses the social network regularly will be well aware that Facebook currently decides what it wants to show you in the News Feed app via a built-in algorithm.

Most Wanted Features

This feature is one of the most requested because it will ensure that users do not miss friends’ posts, according to the company’s statement.

She explained that she began rolling out the update to some users today, Friday, although it seems that most of them will not see the new tab until next week.

She also noted that this bar is at the bottom of the application, and on Android at the top and that these updates are expected to be rolled out globally during the next week.

Reduce clutter
It is reported that Meta-owned Facebook will continue to display random posts when the app is launched although things are changing with the introduction of the new home page section.

This is where users will discover new content through recommendations, and Facebook said it will display uniquely customized content in this window that should reduce clutter and offer only the things it thinks will interest you.

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